Who is the husband of Scarlett Johansson, the French Romain Dauriac?

Who is the husband of Scarlett Johansson, the French Romain Dauriac?

The beautiful Scarlett Johansson -fantasme for some, danger to others-has succumbed to the charm of a French named Romain Dauriac since become her husband and the father of her daughter Rose, one year old. Portrait of the luckiest man in the world.
In a relationship with her French fiancé since November 2012, Scarlett was displayed on his arm Friday, February 29, 2013, and just went: engagement in September 2013, birth of a Rose Doherty wedding in October 2014 and a few weeks later. However, we still know little about this discreet lover, who accompanied her sweet at the inauguration of Yummy Pop, their popcorn shop, this weekend in Paris.

1. It is not jealous

In an interview with US magazine Marie Claire, the actress fetish of Woody Allen confessed: “I do not like jealousy. It does not bother me that wonder, sometimes, what I do, but I do not like this kind of passive jealousy. It’s very repulsive because it is a sign of insecurity […] people trying to control you are obnoxious. “. A clear message to anyone trying to lead the life of this woman of strong character. 
Nevertheless, Scarlett Johansson seems to have no complaints about the behavior of Roman Dauriac, at her side never win, and she fondly calls “magical”. The latter would nevertheless reason to worry since his girlfriend, voted the sexiest woman of the year 2013, is coveted.

2. It’s a hard worker

Passionate about art and cultivated Roman Dauriac a time was editor of Clark Magazine, a magazine very fashionable in the 2000s Defined as “the first lifestyle magazine dedicated to street culture,” Clark, however, disappeared kiosks in 2011. Since then, thirty would be at the head of an advertising agency specializing in communication with offices around the world. Away from the red carpet and Hollywood universe that Scarlett is familiar? Maybe not…

3. It is a pure dandy Frenchy

“It’s Paris. I think it says a lot about his personality already, “was amused actress during an interview. And to be closer to her Parisian kid, Scarlett Johansson was installed in 2014 in the French capital -like Natalie Portman- and confessed to Vanity Fair hexagonal live “above a cafe where classic songs are played French accordion. ” A photograph of postcard we also found in her man, perfect image of elegant and refined gentleman that we see sometimes walk the streets of Paris. With its false air of Philippe Torreton (young), wearing like Macklemore singer, this dark brown with hazel eyes is always chic and well dressed. At the same time, it was unclear such beauty flanked by a neglected lover.

4. There is love in the skin

Scarlett and Romain would be met through a mutual friend: the tattoo artist Fuzi UVPTK. At the time, he had achieved accompanied horseshoe inscribed “Lucky You” on the right flank of the girl. A seemingly prescient engraving. As for Roman Dauriac, not knowing where he is tattooed and what is its design.

5. He’s allergic to social networks

A Twitter account undernourished, almost nonexistent Facebook page … Romain Dauriac is a quiet man who does not spread his privacy. This is also probably what pleased Scarlett. Since she was the victim in 2010 of a hacker who published pictures of her very intimate, the girl remains cautious for social media. Those two were so well found.

6. He loves rap for years 80-90

While his girlfriend is more adept group such as Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, Roman Dauriac, he seems to prefer Slick Rick. “Slick Rick is not it the best rapper in the world?” Is one of his few tweets. In terms of musical tastes, Romain is perhaps not the best but for the rest it provides and it compensates. After all, people are annoying too perfect, Scarlett Johansson certainly not say the contrary.

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