These hollywood actors are sold millons worth of home but can not find a buyer.

These hollywood actors are sold millons worth of home but can not find a buyer.

Hollywood :- Hollywood movie star and their star in the world is preferred life of luxury living. Hollywood stars live in the house which cost millons , But you know many hollywood stars want to sale your home. But despite the big name, there are no buyer for them.

Let’s look at just 8 Hollywood Actors.

1- Tom cruise – 396 cr.

2- Keith Richards – 80 cr.

3- Britney spears – 53 cr.

4- Alica Keys – 100 cr.

5- Emilie Baltz – 21 cr.

6- Tommy Lee – 37 cr.

7- Jason Derulo – 15 cr.

8- Frankie muniz – 19 cr.

Hollywood movie star Kendall took the fun of horse riding and diving

Super model Kendall Jenner Turks and Cicos Islands last week with friend in the holiday enjoy . Horse riding and diving in the sea during holiday kendall took great delight.
Kendall looked extremely hot while riding . She was wearing a black top and shorts. Their hot photos on social networking site that holiday enjoy getting plenty viral. Sister Kylie and Kendall with boyfriend tiaga rapper also seemed to enjoy.
Kylie in black bikini on the beach with Tiaga fiercely fun. Kendall Adventure sports also has enjoy . The skin color of the bikini she looked gorgeous.
Kendall has recently taken on a magazine photoshoot is blod. Their hot photos on social media have become quite viral.

British singer Adele left why eat pizza ?

London oscar winning British singer Adele has left him to eat pizza. Adele is said that the reason behind this is their voice . By this she want to continue saving your voice melodiously.
The british singer and her melodious voice to protect food from Cheese and tomato have been advised not to eat, because is might affect their singing ability . Now i can not eat pizza Adele said.
How bad is it ? Because it is made with tomatoes , which is bad for your throat. Adele took the news that she had some time ago price of $95 million Baverly hills bought a palatial bungalow.

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