The city episodes ‘ Sex and the City 3’ will Jessica Parker.

The city episodes ‘ Sex and the City 3’ will Jessica Parker.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker in the film “Sex and the City” series, the third film to be set is indicated. Website ‘ ‘ , according to Parker ( 51 ), the city episodes ‘ Sex and the City ” TV series, plays Carrie Bradshaw , the two films ‘ Sex and the City ” and ” Sex and the City -2 ‘ Made.
Jessica is now the third film to be indicated . He said during an interview in a TV show that is not the case that the film can not be formed in the future . Film Futlug ” opposite Matthew Broderick her husband ‘s children , son James ( 13) and twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta mother of seven years .
She says she does not worry much about my looks . She said , in fact, a time is something that many control options . I put some on the face or hair grooming am not well . I would like other people have drawn.

The Hilton was given $ 100 for sex and pizza

Socialite Paris Hilton friends Pizza and sex who wish to build a relationship has a homeless man $ 100 . Website , according to the Paris ( 35 ) at the New York Fashion Week ‘ Bella ‘ photo appeared on the cover of the magazine was celebrating , she is a homeless man outside a French bistro amount said.
An eyewitness newspaper “New York Post ” told by the party that came from Paris , seeking homeless man $ 100 , with a picture of Benjamin Franklin precipice on which he immediately handed to the man .  publicly about the unknown person that he also pizza and sexual fulfillment , demanding money from people looking for overnight .
Hilton people through social media are involved. According to him, the coperation on social media at the team manages and Snapchat, tweet and post on Instagram do for yourself. Hilton said, noting the importance of social media, she said I like it. I personally engage with our fans through this with respect to the sharing of your life listening to his words as well as I can.

Are in a relationship with girlfriend Kristen Stewart !

Actress letest on  Kristen Stewart to declare their love by my friend saw the Blues . Website ‘ , according to recently express their feelings about the actress Alicia Karjail white top , black jeans and black jacket open when going to a meeting , she appeared depressed .
After being together for nearly three years, the couple recently had their relationship to the world, openly acknowledged . Stewart said about his girlfriend , I love her so much , but I still want to protect your private life .

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