Soprano, Jenifer, Master Gims … looks for all tastes at the NRJ Music Awards 2016

NRJ MUSIC AWARDS 2016 : Soprano, Jenifer, Master Gims … looks for all tastes at the NRJ Music Awards 2016

For the eighteenth edition of the NRJ Music Awards, in Cannes, some artists put the package to not go unnoticed. Who is the best-dressed personality of the evening? Answer in the slide show above.
As every year, the NRJ Music Awards on TF1 are the evening not to be missed to observe what has been best in music during the past year. “A night of crazy” as David Guetta would say, where one can find pell-mell Robbie Williams and Jenifer together on the red carpet of the Palais des festivals in Cannes, Coldplay and Bruno Mars together on stage.
For this eighteenth edition animated by Nikos Aliagas, the show was still with 5.2 million viewers on TF1. For the two big winners of the evening, Amir, with two awards, and Soprano, male artist of the year, emotion was sincere. Amir was not present last year. It was simple viewer, hence his surprise to be the main provider of awards last night.
“Last year on the same date, I was at home, I was watching the show! “
For Soprano, however, it is a kind of consecration. “We’ve been doing urban music for a long time, trying to represent it, trying to fight to break the clichés.” “Says Soprano.
The evening of Jenifer has been marked by small vagaries of the life of star. She first did what could be called a “fashion faux-pas”, wearing a splendid striped striped dress, enhanced with silk. The magnificent outfit had already been worn by Martina Stoessel, alias Violetta. This was quickly notified on social networks by observing net surfers. Even the price of the dress leaked on the Internet. From the brand Gucci, curved up to the waist and ample on the hips, it is possible to acquire it for the modest sum of 3 960 euros.
For the singer, the evening continued with a grand performance on stage, but this time marked by some couacs related to sound. His highly anticipated medley of his biggest hits, such as Au sun and Ma revolution seemed to scream louder in his ears than in the room. What to bother her, but not stop her.
The evening was also marked by the performances of Bruno Mars, Christophe Maé (as a young and old as in his clip It is where happiness) or the beautiful tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 13 given by Louane and Charlie Puth on the John Lennon’s Imagine song. And by costumes sometimes successful, like the dress of Tal, sometimes more incongruous (like the very bling-bling holding of Master Gims)
All the highlights of the evening are to be seen again in the slideshow above.
Amir Haddad

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