Rings will excite the horror movie trailer

Rings will excite the horror movie trailer.

Hollywood flim to be released in october has released the trailer of the rings.
The next part of the hollywood film lord once again thrill the audience is ready for filling and scare. The makers of the film have been released.
In october 2016 the released date has been set. The part that depicts a plane crash in Samara Krnee up his ghost powers are to kill people.
The first glimpse of the film are shown a few scary scene seeing something is bound to question it too. After the release of this film will get the answer to all things. But for now fans of the movie trailer is definitely entertaining.
The star is a women whose boyfriend suddenly rings metilda ltuz powers come into effect is hounting is shown in the trailer that sets saven days to kill is one day later , the changes are more scary in the victim. To what extent is ltuz boyfriend to save the film, it will be known the film will be released in the U.K on october 31st.

Enjoy the moment ,enjoy the movie trailer.

Singer Katy Perry 90 million followers on twitter.

Katy Perry fans on twitter shared will all the talk of this new record.
Singer Kety Perry is on social media, a new record. According to perry’s follower on twitter has 90 million. 31 -year old star has achieved the figure.
Kety Perry fans on twitter shared with all the talk of this new record. Perry wrote , ” It’s time to party . The guest list has been 90 million. I need a big dance floor.”
American star wrote ,” this is Deng tight ” singer Justin Bieber is also behind Perry. Bieber’s number of followers or twitter is only 83.9 million.

Taylor Swift with 79 million in order to exist. It will be interesting to see the impact of these stars in the social media brings color.

” Harry potter and the cursed child ” first look release.

Los Angeles – Harry Potter fans delighted in february is not the time to mention the auther JK Rowling was startled, saying that the eighth part of the famous harry potter will be released soon. Later it was also announced that ” Harry Potter and the cursed child ” name will be removed from the book.
Adding to the excitement rolling released some photos on his official website which has become a father and his son Harry Potter Guinea with Elbs seen.
Potemor ” Harry Potter and the cursed child” part one and two of the first preview, we are just a week away and today play the main characters Harry ,Guinea and Albus released images are very excited though all of the characters look different from the previous Harry Potter movies, but again hogwats excite us is the idea a going.

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