Rihanna employees make it a surprise

Rihanna employees make it a surprise

The singer enjoyed the nicely “Boss Appreciation Day” which was held in the United States …
Rihanna does not need to prove to his fans, who adore him and show him regularly, and it is the same for the people it employs. Since she oversees her own collection from Puma, the singer is also the owner of a small team. A position much more difficult to hold, but it seems to handle as well as his career.
While the “Boss Appreciation Day” (which translates as “Boss of the Day”) took place in the US at the beginning of the week, employees have indicated to all the good they thought of it in reserving some surprises.
For starters, she was greeted on his arrival at the office by a piñata in his likeness.
One detail that has obviously affected and she could not help sharing on social networks. “When you forget to go to the office the day of #BossAppreciationDay #TheCorp #FentyCorp # piñata #FiredThemAll” said she wrote, very amused, to accompany the snapshot on Instagram.

Patron thank you!

It did not stop there, since out of the elevator, Rihanna also got a bunch of balloons that épelaient the word “Boss” surrounded by lots of little hearts.
At this stage, it has the will to face the facts. “I love my employees! Thank you Michelle! “Has it started then.
Obviously it is not only on the catwalk that runs adventure Fenty x Puma, and office life looks as relaxed as are the parades of the singer. Last month, she presented her latest collection of ready-to-wear in Paris, showing to all those who doubted that she was very involved in working with the sportswear brand. Nobody can now doubt in any case, the scene for podiums, Rihanna perfectly manages its splits.

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