PICTURES OF MEGON FOX : Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay: Hot Screen This second displays the fun The Ninja Turtles. See review

Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay: Hot Screen This second displays the fun The Ninja Turtles. See review


The Ninja Turtles (2014) is the movie that Rede Globo shows in the Hot Screen session of this Monday, November 14, shortly after The Law of Love.
The film chosen by Rede Globo to be the attraction of Tela Quente this Monday, November 14, the eve of a holiday, was one of the most anticipated of 2014, that brought again the pair Megan Fox x Michael Bay. Ninja Turtles, prominence of the station in this second, soon after the novel The Law of Love.

The film

Affected by a radioactive substance, a group of turtles known as Clan of the Foot grows abnormally, gains strength and terrorizes New York City. Living in the sewers of Manhattan, four young turtles, trained in kung-fu art, Leonardo, Rafael, Michelangelo and Donatello, along with their sensei, Master Splinter, have to face the evil that inhabits the city.


If you are a young boy in his 30s who spent his childhood watching the most funny drawings of ninja turtles, and believes that when you see the newly released movie of them, all that feeling of nostalgia will come to the surface. The raincoat, because The Ninja Turtles of Jonathan Liebesman (the director), is not even there for you; The project aims to capture, especially fans of Michael Bay’s way of making film, eternalized by the Transformers franchise.
So the humorous, almost comedy tone that was the drawings, gives way to a story packed with action, special effects and with a grandiose and apocalyptic mood common to the films of the filmmaker. Also present is the superficiality of the script, which always looks for easy and improbable outputs for the outcomes of the frames and subframes. And you see, the level of demand does not even have to be great; The script is flawed even for someone who likes movies of this lineage.
But we can not say here that the film is a disappointment, or horrible, because it definitely is not. The Ninja Turtles have a number of good elements that make going to the cinema even enjoyable.

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