Mariah Carey is no longer single!

Mariah Carey is no longer single!

Well here is one that does not want to lose time … and yes, it seems that Mariah Carey is so angry to have been dropped by one she was to marry, or already in a relationship with another man … 
It was definitely not want to stay single for too long and fell into the arms of one of her dancers. What makes her such a rage …
 In short, it is the cat for the Diva!
Really, nothing goes to the poor Mariah Carey who fell from high in the last few weeks while she was on vacation in Greece. 
His companion, the Australian billionaire James Packer, has suddenly decided to break up with her. They had yet to marry in March 2016, but the wedding had been postponed because the marriage contract was not ready.
And since it was a hassle! The couple have continued to argue. And now there was the hassle of too much during their vacation. 
Mariah Carey has taken its clicks and clacks, and returned alone to the United States. Everyone wondered whether this was not just a small temporary crisis, but it seems that the Diva has indeed intend to move on.
Because yes, in recent days, Mariah Carey seems to approach a little too much of one of her dancers. The official break with James Packer of the end of October, and yet it seems to forget rather quickly and take comfort from one of her dancers. Indeed, the singer was spotted with him, having dinner in a restaurant. And they seemed to be more than just friends … They were under very close control of each other …
So obviously, James Packer in turn is downright enraged! Not only because it has forgotten too quickly, but also Mariah Carey is claiming the sum of $ 50 million. She wants compensation for being left by a liar who had promised to marry her!
According to the website Hollywood Life, the billionaire is not at all happy. It’s a source close to James Packer, who said the following:
James is not happy at all about this alleged affair between Mariah and Bryan. He is furious and thinks Bryan is a blague.James can not believe that after all he did for Mariah, she is having fun with a dancer. Although James is powerful and he could make life difficult Bryan, he will continue his journey as a gentleman. He has too much to lose to engage in a public feud with a young dancer.”

It would be wiser for him to abandon permanently Mariah Carey. If it hoped to make furious, she succeeded. But it will fail to do it off its hinges and make their public break … It seems he has good reason to react as well, although we can easily imagine that it’s not easy to manage!
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