Mariah Carey, Halloween is every day

Mariah Carey, Halloween is every day
It was Halloween party at Mariah Carey this weekend. For the occasion, all disguises were allowed and Mimi has not done in lace, but in the latex. Proving once more that look issue, it has neither God nor master.
For a small Halloween party with friends, without fuss or so, it was at that Mariah Carey had to be Saturday night. Monroe, the daughter of singer had chosen for the occasion to dress up Princess Rapunzel, while Moroccan brother followed their father Nick Cannon (eg Mariah but always welcome home), opted for the range of Super Mario.
But super Mariah eclipsed everyone by welcoming its guests in a glowing red latex dress molded her. Perched on shoes with heels as hyperbolic his chest, two small horns in vermilion hair and mini scarlet trident in hand, we half expected what she sings a version of the five octaves Salsa the devil.
From too much as usual for the diva who misses no opportunity to make each appearance a pure show. We invited him to a party at a talk show in the afternoon or her to do shopping in the streets of New York, Mariah only one rule: it takes hold. As long as it rocks, detonates. Uninhibited? Carey-ment.

Mariah Carey

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