Kylie Jenner big reveal on the teen pregnancy rumors !

Kylie Jenner big reveal on the teen pregnancy rumors !

Hollywood star Kylie Jenner have once again become part of the news . This time, a post she is due to come into the limelight of Kylie .
This post has been revealed about Kylie ‘s  teenager Pregnancy . Kylie Jenner came into the limelight when she said that she had a baby with her ​​boyfriend should Taiga .
Kylie ‘s statement on social media after they were caught on rumors of pregnancy . After the teen pregnancy rumors flying through social media Kylie told her fans that she is not pregnant . According to reports, Kylie took her teenager pregnancy rumors are not happy. 


Kylie janner opened the secret of his lips                

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner says that she said nothing to my  dry lips .
Kylie Jenner took his lips Prsonlity reality is revealed . This is because on most occasions in the TV world, the discussion on their lips . Kylie had to listen past his lips and took to surgery for the big show .
The Kylie finally broke his silence . Kylie said in a video chat software  “Everybody thinks that I am making myself big permanent lips . But this is normal . I ‘m not doing anything . “
Kylie said: “I always know when I am out of my face lips may seem small . enough.’
Kylie also posted a photo books with the caption . 
The cameras were on his lips . Kylie actress of hollywood said : “It is a fact that we still talk on the lips . It ‘s crazy . “

Victoria Beckham tweeted this photo caught in controversy

Her daughter kissed Victoria Backham. Upload photo Hollywood actress Victoria Beckham suffered the anger of the people .
Queen Victoria family ‘s youngest daughter ‘s birthday a few days ago was Harper . Victoria uploaded a picture on the spot . What does this picture he looks at his daughter ‘s lips . The photo on the Internet has a lot of Victoria viral .
Some people love the mother and daughter quotes were so many people seemed to echo against the photo . Many people at this photo of Victoria Backham  and her daughter quotes did not go down .
A user comment box that you will question to what parents feel that they are the only couples . So many cable provider channels, the guests and experts were also invited to the discussion .

The film will begin shooting next year Gambit

Writer and tv producer Simon Kinberg to start shooting the new movie Gambit date is announced.
He said that production work on the film began in 2017, will be the spring season . He is a great story of the film .
Next year are expected to begin shooting this spring . Doug Liman will be directing the film while actor Channing Tatum will play in the film .

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