Kim karfashian news : Kim Kardashian and Khloe less fun than Kourtney? Journalist balance

Kim kardashian news : Kim Kardashian and Khloe less fun than Kourtney? Journalist balance

Kim Kardashian Is it as perfect as it would have us believe? Looks like no …
Kim Kardashian is better and it showed! The young woman went to the birthday party of Kendall Jenner, and if done much more discreet than usual, no doubt it will soon make a comeback in the media. If Kim Kardashian did not hesitate to use the steering to make it more accessible and friendly to the eyes of the public, it would seem that true she has a very different personality. Indeed according to the journalist Allison Kugel, specializing in portraits of stars, Kim Kardashian is the least nice of her sisters! The kind of advertising the Kanye West of woman would be okay.
Indeed according to Alison Kugel: “Kourtney is the kind of person that makes you forget she’s famous She gives you the impression of being one of your friends, it has a lot of humor and she hesitates. not to make fun of herself. the first time I interviewed Khloe, I was forced to cancel our meeting and see because I was pregnant and I was suffering from nausea violent. she taken from me and told me that my health came first. I am grateful for that. ” And Kim? Well Kim is obviously more difficult than her sisters: “I interviewed Kim twice and each time I found that it was focusing on the wrong things she does speak of superficial things and she gets. scene, unlike her sisters who are natural. ” Kim Kardashian, who turned his bodyguard a month after the robbery, will not like ..

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