Kim Kardashian in Paris: “They were going to shoot me in the back”

Kim Kardashian in Paris: “They were going to shoot me in the back”

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For the first time, the diva du net tells, with tears in her eyes, her version of the violent assault that took place at the beginning of October in a Parisian hotel.
This episode, which took place on October 3, 2016, in a private mansion in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, caused her to flee from social networks and the media bubble that she has been creating minutely for nearly ten years. 
Three months later, Kim Kardashian agreed to deliver his first feeling on this robbery of an amount valued at nine million euros. A traumatic experience to believe this testimony gathered by the program “The incredible Kardashian family”, whose excerpts fled Friday night.

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In tears, in front of her sisters Kourtney and Khloé, Kanye West’s wife delivers her story: “They were going to shoot me in the back, there was no way out. I am so upset, just thinking about it, “says Kard Kardashian. The entire program will be broadcast in March 2017 on the E! Channel. The fifth most-watched personality on Instagram had made her big media return three days earlier. Faced with the rumors of divorce that have multiplied in the scandal press in recent weeks, Kim Kardashian and her husband rapper with psychotic disorders have shown themselves lovingly embracing or sharing moments of tenderness with their children, North And Saint. The photos are accompanied by a simple legend: «Famille»

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To recap, the robbery took place in the early morning, Monday October 3, at 7 rue Tronchet, in a luxury residence (VIIIth arrondissement of Paris). Five armed men handcuffed the night watchman before ordering him to drive them and open the door of the star’s room. While three of the perpetrators were watching at the entrance to the building, Kim Kardashian was tied up (hands and feet taped) and locked in the bathroom while the criminals stole two cell phones and many jewelry. The use of video surveillance cameras, which was available to journalists from Le Parisien, indicated that they had arrived and left by bike.

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