Kim Kardashian avoids the big fall in New York! (PHOTOS)


Kim Kardashian News : Kim Kardashian avoids the big fall in New York!

We avoided the worst! As she went to a fashion show in New York, Kim Kardashian avoided the big fall …

The distance did not separate the couple Kimye for the feast of love. Yes, if we know by Kris Jenner why Kanye West missed the 2017 Grammy Awards, we know a little more about her plans today. Currently in New York for Fashion Week, the rapper prepares his new season of his brand Yeezy. We hope for the star that the returns will be better than in the previous season. Remember, mannequins had faded because of the heat and tight clothing. The interpreter of “Famous” had made the headlines of the scandal press. As for his wife, Kim Kardashian, it is also in New York that one had to go to hope to see it. The mother of North and Saint West went to NYC most certainly in order to attend the haute couture fashion shows. But now, just arrived in the heart of the big apple, Kim Kardashian almost fell. Oh, the beautiful fall avoided!

At the same time, when you think about it, what idea to wear high heels in the snow? Kim Kardashian wanted to challenge the elements and she did not succeed. Just arrived in New York, the star avoided the big fall. Only a few seconds after getting out of her private taxi, Kim Kardashian fell … well, she rather ripped off. Fortunately, her bodyguard was at her side to support her. Thanks WHO ? As can be seen in these images, by clicking HERE, the wife of Kanye West avoided the beautiful sprain. It would not have been great for the star, who was preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day a few hours later. Besides, Kim Kardashian’s love evening and Kanye West were completely missed. Come on, Kimye will do better next time!


Careful! Kim Kardashian navigates snowy New York in heels as she arrives for Fashion Week

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