Khloé Kardashian puts horse cream

Khloé Kardashian use the horse cream 

Khloé Kardashian reality TV star is known for his funny antics and cloths . Now she has revealed about another strange . They used horses are levied cream .
In fact they increase the strength of your nails used for the horse’s hoof cream charge. Khloe kardashian wrote on its wedding website that the good life manicure my nails , but if you change your polish the same time , as much as I have , there are some caveats .
Beriyele a cream is very good. Basically it is made for horse hooves . Surprisingly, it is not very effective for my weak nails . She also said he would put the cream several times a day, and wherever she goes , are always accompanied him . But you must use it twice a day , but I ‘m used to it even more.

Jennifer Lopez leans on Meditation

Jennifer Lopez believes that to pay attention a little time in the day is beneficial.
Pop star Jennifer Lopez says that she can start your day and end carefully . 46- year-old star wrote home in Las Vegas last year, started to adopt the technology . Its purpose was to keep your head cool .
Jennifer These days ‘ Shades of Blue ‘, which is working in is a police drama series . Also American Idol was a judge , have shown . Participants also are suggesting here .
Jennifer said: “Last year, I was doing three things in order to pose your mind focused . 20 minutes during the day and at night . It was also very important . It was important to my mind . Yes, it was the first time felt right. You can do it . ” It was true love.
Though 12 years have passed, but the relationship is still broken , then it is discussed . The singer – actress Jennifer Lopez and Speaking Hollywood actor Ben Aflek relationship . 12 years ago , the two have parted ways .
Jennifer says her relationship but it was very true . Love between us was real . Jennifer said, “I think that things will be different at different times . No one knows when that will happen . But of course it was the love that was very true . “
In 2002, Jennifer and Batmad vs. Superman ‘ actor started dating each other . According to People magazine Aflek was proposed to Jennifer with the diamond ring . But in 2004, both had parted ways . This decision was taken at first marriage an time.

Freida Pinto was on night out with boyfriend


Hollywood actress Freida Pinto was spotted holidaying with her boyfriend .
Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto news recently enjoying dinner date with her ​​boyfriend Ronnie Brkardi views.
Ronnie professional polo player. Frieda and spend time with Ronnie Vesd seen it in Hollywood . According to the dot-com Delimel couple always remains silent on their relations .
Frida on the date where he wore a simple dress casual look while also reached Ronnie . Wore a loose gray T-shirt on .
Last October, the two are together. Even before the couple on the birth anniversary of Frida was a holiday . Last month, when the Oscar Award came into this relationship with the couple assumes authorized . The film goes on in the corridors was discussed earlier .

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