Kendall Jenner: a mental illness, the man who stalked the acquitted

Kendall Jenner: a mental illness, the man who stalked the acquitted.

Kendall Jenner filed a complaint after a fan too pressing stormed her house and followed, traumatizing the young woman. Finally, justice has paid the intruder.
Kendall Jenner has not reacted after the announcement of the court verdict in the place of Shavaughn McKenzie, but is one of the first people concerned. Indeed, it has complained this summer against the fan who was waiting at home. She had spotted as she penetrated by car in the driveway of his property in Los Angeles. He had followed her and she was barricaded in his vehicle by the time the police arrived. There are some days, reality TV star testified in court to explain how she had been “terrified” by the presence of this intruder in her home. The model has obtained a restraining order against Shavaughn McKenzie, but he was eventually acquitted.
At the hearing, he said he did not intend to hurt the girl and he just wanted to talk to him, reports Gossip Cop. A psychologist also testified that Shavaughn McKenzie was suffering from a mental illness and that he sometimes suffered from delusions. Jurors eventually agreed he had committed an offense by entering private property, but they acquitted regarding harassment Kendall Jenner. The restraining order remains in force, so he has no right to approach, but justice has proved lenient.
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