Kate Winslet will star in romantic film

Kate Winslet will star in romantic film

Bollywood actress Kate Winslet will be seen again in the top romantic movies drama .
Actress Kate Winslet new movie  these days with Idris is planning to work plan on a project . It will be a romantic drama called ‘The Mountain Between Us’ .
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 40 -year-old star about his role in the project are Charchart . Charles Martin are based on the Best Novel . It came in 2010 .
It is the story of a woman who leans on charter to get home . They are already engaging the flight but after meeting the surgeon in the relationship advice further increases .
Meanwhile , however, the flight crash . Both have to spend time on the mountain to escape alive . Chris Asher Horowitz write a draft of the film has finished composing .

” Mozart in the Jungle ” will star in Monica

Actress Monica Bellucci soon ” Mozart in the Jungle ” will be seen in the third season .
Italian 51 -year-old actress will play the role of play in the Elsendra are a well-known opera singer . The third season of the show will be shown how the musician used to take his talent tour .
Gael Garcia Bernal New York ‘s Symphony Orchestra , which is managed by .
According to a report in Variety said Stetmen ‘ Elsendra known for his passionate performance . He came on stage and won a Arotik Life . After many years away from the spotlight , he joins Rodrigo . Are already preparing for his grand return as well . “
Let me tell you that the show Sex , drugs and are based on classical music . Monica Bellucci last ‘ Spector ‘ was evident in .

Daniel Craig 667 million offer for the two films

The Hollywood actor has told his bosses that they have already completed their journey as spy Bond jemes bond .
Actor Daniel Craig offers were made to two more Bond movies for $ 99 million , but he refused.
Profit shares in the fund , and as a co- producer of the endorsement fees included . The hollywood actor has told his bosses that they have already completed their journey as spy Bond jemes bond  .
Los Angeles film source told the star newspaper : ” Daniel has done its job . They Spector ” after ” MGM ” had to clean everything . 
Studio ‘s bottomless money thrown at them , but it was not what he wanted . “
Adds the news , “he told people that he was shooting at the time of the last time they are done. But the film company that he was still feeling ‘ Spector ‘ could return after the deal they are offered money to capacity .

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