Kardashian Robbed at gunpoint in the Paris hotel

Kardashian news : Kim Kardshian millions of dollars at gunpoint in the hotel.

Paris : Reality TV star Kim Kardshian Hollywood is taken hostage by gunmen at a hotel. According to information received two person hostage. Both the accused was wearing a police uniform. The event is said to be Sunday.
Kardashian hotels in Paris, there is news of hostage-taking. Kardashian last night in a hotel in Paris is taken hostage at gunpoint by two men. Please tell her mother Kris Jenner and sister Courtney arrived to take part in the Paris Fashion Week.
Kim Kardashian stayed in a hotel in Paris. In fact, Kim was held in Paris to attend a Fashion Week. Kim is in Paris on Wednesday. On Sunday, two men in police uniform  Kim’s Kardashian room and there she was taken hostage at gunpoint.
Kardashian is known for its bold style. Kim Kardashian photos on social media sites keeps its bold.
Sunday night, according to reports, two men barged into his room in a hotel in Paris. Both Kim hostage at gunpoint. Both hostages having their faces covered with masks were wearing police clothes.
According to the report, Kim has been ill-treated, but there was no report of any such damage. However, upon discovering her husband of Kardashian  Kanye West, taking place in New York’s City Field Music and Art Festival held its performance, saying that his family was no emergency, they will have to stop their performance.
Noted actress of Hollywood and its hot signature gestures that make everyone crazy Kim Krdashian were taken hostage in the hotel room. Hostages were robbers in police uniforms. He Kim hostage at gunpoint and robbed too. According to foreign media reports, Kardashian  is millions of dollars jewellery robberies . 
The Paris fashion week to attend his mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim had arrived in Paris with Courtney. With them it was an accident. Kim informed the spokesman said.
Kim Krdashian were treated with extremely bad but physically they have not reported any damage.

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