KARDASHIAN NEWS : Rob Kardashian at war with Kim and Khloé: He banished all his clan …

KARDASHIAN NEWS : Rob Kardashian at war with Kim and Khloé: He banished all his clan .


Kim and Khloe Kardashian are furious against their brother Rob in a new episode of their reality TV show.
The situation is still explosive in the Kardashians. In a new episode of family reality show, Kim and Khloé Kardashian have still played with their brother Rob. 
The two women do not understand that it is absent from the 82nd birthday of their grandmother Mary Jo. An event in which the whole clan had planned to participate. 
“I can not go to a horse race. I do not want to wear a T-shirt and shorts or sandals. I do not feel well because of my weight,” he admits.
A decision that does not please Khloé, who would like the “make more efforts to create memories with your family.” Assisted by her eldest, Khloé ends still convinced his brother to come. “We’ll find you a stylist and new clothes. You have to get up and you dress and you to come with us, for your own good, you’ve got yourself motivated,” then offers the wife of rapper Kanye West. 
But once in front of the professional mode, Rob soon to be dad for the first time and capitulate rather stay in jogging and sandals. “I do not understand his behavior,” laments Khloé.
Unsurprisingly, the young man of 29 years conspicuously absent on the anniversary of her grandmother, thus incurring the wrath of Kim. “If he does not want to come, fine but he keeps finding excuses. It drives me crazy,” she has released before thanking his girlfriend Blac Chyna for coming despite the absence of father of his future daughter. 
Best of all, after fleeing his responsibilities, Rob has blocked the whole clan on social networks for not having to face the consequences of his actions.
“I did not want you to hear about anything. I went to Vegas instead. I did not feel to come when we argued with Blac Chyna and with you, everything always takes a dramatic turn, “was it justified a little later.
 “What’s done is done, I’m glad Rob could talk but he must know that he does not need to block every member of our family,” Khloé finally concluded. Hopefully it to demonstrate greater maturity to the birth of her daughter, scheduled for next month.

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