Kardashian news : Kim Kardashian’s was re-released with Nude and hot Selfie ‘Selfish Book’

Kardashian news : Kim Kardashian’s was re-released with Nude and hot Selfie ‘Selfish Book’

Reality star Kim Krdashian his book ‘Selfis’ re going to release. The new book will include few and selfies.  Kardashian had prepared a book of his Selfi, May 5, 2015, was released. Approximately 448 pages and each page is Kim’s Hot & Bold selfie.
Kim’s Selfis booked, they are released again, this time to the husband and children will find a selfie. Not only will this book includes the racy Pregnant Nude Selfie. According to the report, Kim’s “Selfis Book ‘launched nearly 125,000 copies in the first three months, sales were.
This time, fans of Kim in the book, she also will see selfie, which they have never seen before. Please tell the Webby Awards in 2016. Kim had promised his fans that he will continue to consistently post your news Selfi. He posted it to make them feel better. They believe it and grow.

Kim Kardashian’s Photoshoot such a manner will you have not seen before

Reality star Kim Kardashian’s New Photoshoot Pictures recently there have been some. Kim’s style in this photoshoot looks extremely Different. PHOTOS back, you will see that they do not. The shoot a lot of photos on social networking sites have become viral.  Kardashian ‘Billboard’ magazine is made for the photoshoot. October is the Month of the magazine.
Kim’s new photoshoot is seeing his glamorous style. White swimsuits lying on the sofa in a photo they have shown in a photo in the orange color of the outfits are seen. Another photo printed T-shirt with white jeans, he wore short. Looks extremely gorgeous in the photos.
Kim recently went down with an event in Paris. At a hotel in Paris was taken hostage at gunpoint. However, later abandoned. According to police, the robbery occurred millions with Kim.

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