Kardashian claims to Russia and more than this hot model in the world and the most beautiful … !

Kardashian claim to Russia and more than this hot model in the world and the most beautiful … !

A model of Russia claim her hips Hollywood Reality star Krdashian large and well-known are the most beautiful in the world . If you are the world’s most beautiful women and big hips are going to list the Krdashian Meet Kardashian from the Russian who has the world by storm . 22 -year-old girl’s name is Vitco Anstasia . Her breast size 37.4 inch , 24.8 inch waist and hips of 41.3 inches .
According to Anstasia , her figure is natural, and he did not have any surgery . Anstasia of four million followers on Instagram .
According to a resident of Kaliningrad Anstasia figure is far behind him in case of  Kardashian . He , like me,  Kardashian , but to me that comparison , I do not like . He is behind me . He said, my body is sporty . My lower body is very beautiful and I was not made till the surgery . Just once , I underwent surgery to remove the appendix.

When Kim came to laugh at what Sarah Jessica Parker

Reality TV star Kim Krdsian are the ideal actress Sarah Jessica Parker. According to website
Femalefirst.co.uk , Kardashian recently during a concert of her husband Kanye West Sex and the City actress met Parker, whom she is thrilled. We tell you that in order to pose for his model Kardashian Parker asked. Parker made the Igror laughs. Kardashian , who is not satisfied with this attitude of Parker and Kardashian insisted that his once true Admire splendid.
The great personality of Kardashinan  Parker bridge binds Trifon . Kardashian Parker smiled at what was then added. Then the Sex and the City actress Kenny also invited to pose for them .

Kardashian made ​​the shocking statement on the uproar , Know What

In March, Lee was stripped by adding social media to your selfies a TV star Kardashian stir controversy and drama , said he did not expect so much of this is Selfi . Keeping Up With The Star his bold Kardashian posted photos , which were covered only parts of it by two straps .
Femalefirst.co.uk reports, Kardashian  admitted that too much noise and furore of these photos, but I just had to share in the fun. In December last year after giving birth, she wanted to lose weight and so Kardashian had to share these Selfi. Kardahhian said when posting these photos, he did not anticipate that it would be so much commotion. He says, I was completely covered. My body was covered with the sensor strips. Was the work of a bikini bar. I must admit it is a complete joke.

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