Kardashian become the Big Boss of the guest

Kardashian become the Big Boss of the guest

Called reality TV star  Kardashian India is about to become a guest of the popular TV show Bigg Boss . With the entry into Bigg Boss Kardashian are going to be the first guest of India .
Kardashian  came to the big boss of the manufacturer and the channel is expected Kardashian to win over the world , even in India will win the hearts of the audience , because here too there is a lack of their fans and loved ones .
Kardashian  will enter the Bigg Boss house on November 22 , but for how long or how long he will be there just has not been disclosed .
Kardashian also excited to enter Bigg Boss said in his message : ” Hello India . I ‘m coming Kardashian  India in the Bigg Boss house . “
According to sources, in addition to the big boss Kardashian also see the Gateway of India in Mumbai and India’s identity is said to be keen to wear a sari .
Big boss entertainment quotient and the first to gain TRP foreign artists have been called into the Bigg Boss house and plenty of audience also attracted foreign artists .
Jade Goody last season , cricketer Andrew Symonds , Pamela Anderson , Mahabali Khali , Sunny Leone and celebrities like Sophia Hyatt guests have become the big boss.

Kardashian engagement ring was sold in

According to a website , basketball player Chris Humphrey’s 20 -carat diamond studded engagement ring that are sold , Kardashian he had given on the occasion of the engagement in 2011 .
New York: basketball player Chris Humphrey that diamond engagement rings are sold at the time , in 2011 , he was presented to the model – actress Kardashian.
Website contactmusic.com  , according to Kardashian  and Chris Humphrey Kardashian married in a lavish ceremony in 2011 , just 72 days after the marriage, but they were separated . Chris Humphrey is now being said that the 20- carat diamond studded engagement rings are sold , which he had given to Kardashian .
According to the website http://rumourfix.com , it was designed by Lorraine Schwartz ring up for auction at Christie Neelamgr has come , and it will be auctioned next month .
Auction seller did not name the owners of the company . He appeared just ring , which cost between $ 500,000 and $ 300,000 has been earmarked . Kardashian few weeks before the birth of his daughter Chris was divorced .

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