Kanye West admitted to psychiatric hospital to avoid being ruined?

Kanye West admitted to psychiatric hospital to avoid being ruined?

The admission conditions of Kanye West in a psychiatric hospital remain suspicious. The rumor to the fraud circulates for several hours on the Web.
For several weeks, the spell seems to be working on the members of the Kardashian / West / Jenner family. Whether it is for Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian or more recently Kanye West, nothing smiles to the stars of reality TV. When Kim Kardashian made her first appearance in public, she joined Kanye West at her bedside. Emergency hospitalized at the Los Angeles UCLA in the psychiatric section, the rapper had a big breakdown. Between her shocking statements as well as her bad buzz at rehearsals, Kanye West did not seem to control herself lately. If the emergency phone calls prove that a third person has contacted the rescue, we learn later that it was Kanye West himself who decided to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Six hours before, Kim Kardashian’s husband canceled his concerts in North America. But then, did he do that to avoid being ruined?

It is the site TMZ which highlights the enormous financial loss of Kanye West following the cancellation of its tour. 
Whether at theaters or other events in which he had to make an appearance, the star would have lost nearly $ 30 million. However, Kanye’s insurance covers it in case of illness. The contract allows the insured to be fully compensated, but also to give him the equivalence of what he should reach by appearing on stage. Did he decide to be interned to avoid losing a large sum of money? For the time being, this information has to be taken very seriously since nothing has yet been confirmed. Obviously, with all these events, one wonders if Kanye West is not touched by the “curse of the Kardashian”. The men of the family have lived very strange things in recent years .
Kanye west with wife Kim Kardashian 

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