Justin with Sophia : Nicole worried by the fear of getting pregnant Sophia

Justin Bieber with Sophia : Nicole worried by the fear of getting pregnant Sophia

Los Angeles : Fashion designer Nicole Richie are worried that the Grammy Award -winning singer Justin Bieber may not be pregnant at her sister Sophia .
A source said the newspaper ” National Inquirer ” “The Nicole angry. Citint about the fact that she became pregnant and alone may not be anywhere Sophia . She ( Sophia ) to the home pregnancy test kit which showed positive results at first but it was negative in the other two probes . “
Website , ‘ Radaronline.com ” , according to another source has informed that his sister Sophia Richie and Justin Bieber are very angry after finding out about the relationship .
According to an insider , the Sophia told Nicole that he has put himself into trouble in the relationship . While his elder sister Sofia to instruct your own business are the same.

Megan fox : I never had a one -night sex is not

Hollywood actress Megan Fox has revealed that she is considered a sex symbol , but he never in his life with a night sex ( One Night Stand ) did not.
According to the report femalefirst.co.uk ‘ Jennifer ‘s Body ‘ star said he with someone whom he does not love , can not imagine having sex .
Fox’s The Sun newspaper quoted someone I do not love sex with him, I will not ever , never . This idea makes me sick . I never had sex with the night her husband Brian Austin Green Fox  recently connected and once again this month , with the 30 -year-old would come about .
The actress also said that she is upset about the next step in his career . He admitted to act in films is not something that they are passionate about it , essentially . “
Fox adds , “This is not something for which I am essentially emotional . So for the last several years I have been asking myself this question , why am I here and where is my passion ?

 Jessica Marie Alba  : ” I first films created after the relationship ‘

Celebrity or the common man began to talk openly about sex at all now . Even when the first time she slept with someone , they are not shy to say even now stars . The actress has also told about the personal .
Hollywood is the world’s most recognized name Jessica Marie Alba took his life, do not ever try to hide things. She already has been talking openly about their relationship and virginity. He has spoken at once. Jessica made her a bold image of boys in school, but she says that she was very shy. He could not ever be friends with boys, and college before they came into the world of modeling. She says that during her first photoshoot was very difficult at that time, such as when he was asked to give an expression that occur during sex.
Jessica says that when he was asked to give expression to that way he became uncomfortable , because by then she was the Virgin .
Jessica says that when he came into the world of glamor , then rolled in every way except his shy nature .
Jessica said while talking about his movies give reviewers review , it does not matter to them . Jessica , 35, has two children .

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