Jennifer Lopez does not like to see news

Jennifer Lopez does not like to see news

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 Jennifer lopez said , “It ‘s funny , I do not like to see or hear the news , news that is very depression … I like comedy , and horror movies  or scary movies are not like …”
Pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez news feels depressed she saw himself , so she prefers to watch romantic comedies . Jennifer Lopez says she wants the world to understand that everyone is happy .
She said , “I want to be happy and I want to believe that the world is too happy … I know what’s going on , because you can not avoid some of the stories , but I keep myself away from negativity I would like to , because sometimes it is very high … I really think that I am very much careful .

Jennifer Lopez helped in the fight against breast cancer
Hollywood letest news and gossips
Cole’s department stores were designed by the singer actress Jennifer Lopez clothing , jewelry and gifts series is  launched in the market , the retail business will be helped in the fight against breast cancer .
They are designed by Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming Wisconsin Coles all 40 stores by May 5 and will be available on the Internet . Five dollars worth of items held for sale , priced at $ 10 and $ 15 . These materials worn at night clothing, T – shirts , scarves etc. Swetpant .

Still believes in love : jennifer Lopez
Love turned into bitter relations singer Jennifer Lopez says she still believes in love . Currently, the 25 – year-old Lopez choreographer Casper Smart are in relationships with . She has been divorced three times before .
They say that life is too important to be sour experience . Jennifer Lopez has a website ( 43 ), quoted , because of your bad experiences you can not spoil the whole world , I do not believe anyone qualified person does not understand.
She said, when a family breaks, time is very difficult . I ‘m still going to him and his children for making every effort to do good . I still believe in love . That is my message : love is the most important thing .

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