Jenifer admits his “complicated” love and his American name it “suffers”

Jenifer admits his “complicated” love and his American name it “suffers”

With the release of his seventh album secret paradise expected at the end of the month, Jenifer celebrates 15 year career. The occasion for the singer revealed by Star Academy chaining the interviews and deliver some of its secrets. JDD today, it details the story of his first name, and also returns to his “complicated” love.
next Friday, Secret Paradise, the seventh album Jenifer be released in stores. For this new opus sensitive and sensual, the singer without complex book.
At 33, the former winner of Star Academy, seems freer than ever. This is what emerges from an interview published today in the Sunday Journal. She does not hesitate to confide about her past love stories. Her children, Aaron and Joseph, 12 and 2 years, born of his relationship with Yodelice (Maxim Nucci), for the first, and Thierry Neuvic for the second. Another topic discussed his belief in a future lover.
“In terms of personal love, it’s more complicated. But I believe it. It may be I am too demanding … “
Free as air, it is also when it returns to the story of his first name. She does not like “Jenifer” and never managed to do it. She explains:
“I would rather call me Juliette or Yael, my middle name. I do not love, I suffered my first name. That’s how my mother had the American dream. My brother’s name is Jonathan. ‘Jonathan and Jenifer’, it was very pleasant in the 1980s! I love my parents, but there … “
And it continues to this very family anecdote: “My aunt chose spelling. He had seven letters that it brings good luck. I feel good, lucky star! “
So that’s why there is only one “n” to Jenifer! Although she still does not his name, the jury of The Voice has at least learned to laugh.
 Thierry Neuvic

Maxim Nucci

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