‘I’m not a robot, “says Justin Bieber after chafe with fans in England

Justin Bieber : ‘I’m not a robot, “says Justin Bieber after chafe with fans in England.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber said his sudden departure from the stage during a recent performance in England was a gesture of frustration, not anger, as the screams of their fans made it difficult to connect with the public.
The teen heartthrob dropped the mic and leaves the stage after imploring the fans to stop screaming between songs during the presentation on October 23 in Manchester.
“There will be times when you know I said the wrong thing because I am human and do not pretend to be perfect. I’m not a robot,” said the artist of 22 years, currently traveling with the “Purpose” tour, the fans at the end week in Glasgow, Scotland.
“There will be times when you’ll get bored, times when I get angry, there are times that I get frustrated, but I will always be myself on stage … all I was doing was simply want people to listen; only provide little attention to me, “said Bieber, who also published his statement on social media.

Shows no Brasil

Bieber will tour the “Purpose” in Brazil in 2017. He has shows scheduled in Rio (Apotheosis Square, March 29) and São Paulo (Allianz Park, April 1). This is the third passage of the country singer.
Tickets went on sale on Monday (31) and is already sold out for presentation in São Paulo. There are still tickets for the common track and bleachers in Rio. Admission prices for the state capital ranging from $ 190 to R $ 750.

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