Hollywood actress Kardashian wedding ring on hand missing

Kardashian s wedding ring on hand missing

Hollywood  movie star Kardashian s and Kanye West are going on for several days of discussion of divorce . Kardashian is celebrating these days vacation in Mexico .
There was no wedding ring on their hands during this . According to a kardashian offical website with her son and daughter in North St. Thlti appeared at the middle with , during which he was not wearing a wedding ring .
In some of the photos posted on Instagram, 35, from kardashian s ring finger is missing. Kardashian and Kanye West’s married life are discussed in the past, reports of stress .

Katy Perry launches new music video

Singer Ketty Perry much-awaited music video for the 2016 Rio Olympics, “Rise” has been issued.
Katy perry offical website , said a lot of blood and sweat and tears that we are constantly moving. Eventually my new video “Rise” has come. The video was directed by Paul Gore and produced by Irish and Denny is Lakewood. In the video, kety parry worked hard to try to blow up the red parachute is shown. Ketty perry  had said earlier that they had this song for years. I wanted to complete it now, rather than save it for the next album, I kept.

Khloe Kardashian criticized why Donald Trump.

K Kardashian reality star TV network said of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are not fans at all.   When I said in a talk show Trump’s stat Tv network show “The Celebrity Apprentice” had not worked so much fun. However, his mother Jennifer Chris Trump for President told the complete truth.  
  Star Tv channel K kardashian said that he does not understand it, I can be a good president. I “The Celebrity Apprentice” did not care much to work in. My mother had me convinced. Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” hosted.   
The show spent every minute he hates. They were kept in such situations in the show, which was in stark contrast to their real life,.

Hollywood movie star Pamela came to protest fishery

Hollywood movie star  Pamela Anderson has joined the campaign against fishing and consumption of fish caught from the sea directly from the people requested.
America’s most popular TV show “Baywatch”, Pamela, who has worked in the claims that got caught fish straight from the sea to the environment and people are far more healthy. More importantly, the ocean fisheries in the oceans are polluted. You are requested to proceed and do not tell the fish were artificially shift.   Pamela said about fisheries, I studied so I figured out how deadly it is. Even my mother insisted that we eat fish that were artificially shift pollute the ocean.
Anderson recently joined environmentalist David Suzuki. NGO Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who works for Suzuki Salmon fish were artificially shift in the presence of a harmful virus are spread awareness about the campaign.

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