Geisy Arruda shows the result of the transformation of R $ 200 thousand

Geisy Arruda shows the result of the transformation of $ 200 million

Model underwent 14 aesthetic procedures in 40 days, including bichectomy. ‘I want to get as close to perfection as possible.’
Geisy Arruda is a new woman. She showed the transformation she made after a $ 200,000 investment behind the scenes of Gugu’s program on Wednesday night. Over 40 days, the former tourism student underwent 14 aesthetic procedures that resulted in Changes in the face, teeth, gums, cheeks, hair and body. She’s 10 pounds less! “I’m very happy with the transformation, I managed to improve what was bothering me, but it’s still not excellent, I want to get closer to perfection,” she says.
Among the most important procedures, Geisy highlights dental contact lenses, valued at  $ 100 million reais and that radically transformed the aesthetics of his mouth and smile. In all, there were five surgeries, two in the gingiva, besides making the wear of the teeth, placement of the provisional lenses and placement of the definitive contact lenses.
“Contact lenses were the biggest investment, for sure.I loved the result and I see that it was worth all the sacrifice! It was something I needed because I was ashamed to smile at the pictures because of my high gingiva and small crooked teeth “Said Geisy.


Geisy also surrendered the bichectomy, a procedure that consists of removing the fat from the cheeks that became a fever among the famous. “I did the bichectomy to have a more delineated face. The first week was very annoying, I just ate cold things and I had to make compresses several times a day,” said the brunette.
Geisy also underwent dermarrol treatment – a procedure performed by socialite Kim Kardashian – and revealed that he recovered 80% of the skin, which had acne marks. “The Dermarroler hurt a little, because you hurt the skin until it bleeds, to be born a ‘new skin’, but I went to research about the treatment and saw that Kim Kardashian does too, there I was more confident in the result. Treatment, but I loved it, “commented Geisy.
Of course we could not miss a change in hair, but this time was not radical, because according to Geisy, she does not intend to be blonde again. “I made a modern cut, with lights to stay a light brunette, I do not want to be blonde anymore,” he finished.

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