Full of horror ‘ Annabel 2 ” was released teaser

Full of horror ‘ Annabel 2 ” was released teaser

Fear and full of adventure where it will meet again at the end it was started .

Hollywood’s biggest names in horror movies ‘ Annabel ‘s . The news that a sequel to the film are also willing to come . On Friday, the makers of the film was released teaser .

This can be gauged by looking at the fear and full of adventure where it will meet again at the end it was started . The film ‘s stars Annabel Wallis , Ward Horton , including Alfre Wooderd . David F. Sendberg has the responsibility of directing . Talitha Batman movie stars Miranda Otto , Stephanie Simon , Anthony Lapglia are included.

Let me tell you that , ” Annabel ” in 2014. There was a horror movie . Directed by John R. Leonetti did. The film was written by Gary Doberman was the producer James Vaughan . Annabel film a movie of the series ‘ The Kanjyuring as ” among the audience has come. From this perspective, ‘ Annabel ‘ The second film of the series and fourth overall among movie audiences will .
That’s why the second film of the series are getting ready to come among the audience .

‘ Annabel ‘ is the story of a doll named ” Annabel ‘s . The film was a box office record in terms of earnings .

According to information ‘ Annabel ‘ was $ 6.5 million , while the total cost of 256 million dollars the film earned . Currently you enjoy teaser movie .

Fifty Shades Darker 114 million views in 24 hours in the trailer

Less than an hour, 2.5 million views of the trailer . This statistic is the film’s Facebook page .

Hollywood’s famous film “The Fifty Shades Darker ‘trailer was released on Tuesday . And 24 hours later the trailer a record . Yes. The trailer was seen more frequently in a day . The same statistics show .

According to the news of a deadline “The Fifty Shades Darker ” trailer has been viewed 114 million in 24 hours . The previous record of “Star Wars : The Force Akens ‘ name was registered . The trailer was viewed 112 million times on the first day .

According to the report , when compared to that of the US “The Fifty Shades Darker ” 39.4 million in view of the edge of the trailer . International market when compared to the figure of 74.6 million was here . In this case, the best performing in the UK and Brazil as the market emerged .

Although these numbers Facebook , YouTube , among others. In less than an hour on the film ‘s Facebook page was viewed 2.5 million times the trailer .

Makers on Monday for the fans it was released a teaser . Then the trailer was released . Dornn Jamie and Dakota Johnson will be seen in the film . The film will be released in 2017 . Currently, you can also watch the trailer of the film .

” Quantico ” Priyanka eager to tell the secret of Season 2

Priyanka Chopra has said that love is an honor for me to Indian audiences .

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra says the American TV show ” Quantico ‘s second season will see many secrets . They are impatient about the fact that when he would be able to share these secrets with everyone .

” Quantico ” Turkey was the first of the season . The second season also will be among the audience . Makers were confirmed in a statement that the bar will entertain the audience even more .

She said: ” Quantico ” India has got the best response . The love and dedication to the success of the Indian audience is very important to me . “

Priyanka said: “I am very excited about next season . Since the launch in the US will also be launched in India . This time the show will see many secrets . I can not wait to share them with you guys have been able to . “

The Indian audience too keen about the start of the show . The day of September 26 has been fixed .

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