Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, friends despite tense beginnings

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, friends despite tense beginnings.



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Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence now have a beautiful and strong friendship, which they do not hesitate to share with the singer Adele when she comes on tour in the US States.
What we do not know is that the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence new movie and Emma Stone did not necessarily get off to a good start. It was presented by Woody Harrelson. In fact, he gave the number of the star of Hunger Games to that of La La Land. “She sent me a message telling me she had my number by Woody. I replied, “Get out!” And since then we have been very good friends, “Jennifer Lawrence told Vanity Fair.
Their relationship counseling  was then much developed by messages as the actress specifies. They were sending messages every day. “It was like our version of PS: I Love You, 365 messages,” she adds.

A small complex

For her part, Emma Stone remembers being very impressed to get closer to Jennifer Lawrence. At the point, she wondered if she was up to it. “She certainly does not know that, but there was a moment in the beginning, when I was there” My ego goes crazy, she’s so great, talented, vibrant, I’m fucking, I’ll never work again ‘ ‘She explains in an e-mail.
Eventually Emma Stone finally relaxed and developed a sincere relationship counseling  with Jennifer Lawrence. “We really love each other, we care about each other, beyond the actress’s profession. I support her completely in terms of work, and I feel the same on her side, but I know we would still be friends even if we did not do the same job, “adds the 28-year-old redhead.

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