Doctor Strange did even better than expected US box office

Doctor Strange did even better than expected US box office

Doctor Strange

The 14th film from Marvel Studios bewitches the US with $ 85 million in three days. It also meets the international halls.
We already knew, but Doctor Strange drives the point home: Marvel has definitely created quite reassuring brand in the public eye for it, provided care for its marketing, launching fearless and (almost) without risk any hero of his publishing catalog. 
unknown figure to the general public before the start of construction of the film, Strange has drained $ 85 million at the North American box office for its release this weekend. It’s even better than the forecast of the institutes of “tracking” (who try to predict the results at the box office by studying various indicators), which had forecast of 65 to 70 million dollars in revenue!
Released in 3882 theaters in America, the 14th feature film from Marvel factories and ends first, ahead Trolls and Thou shalt not kill, also out Friday and have also “performed solidly” as a marketing analyst would say. However, no new record: Doctor Strange realizes “only” the 10th best start for a Marvel film, just behind Thor: The Dark World. Compared to other “firsts” to his colleagues, the master of the mystic arts is far better than Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man and The Incredible Hulk, but worse than the first Iron Man (98 million) or Guardians the Galaxy (94 million).

6 billion in revenue for Disney

There Including income already gleaned internationally, the magic of the good doctor propel sales of the film to 325 million. Disney, which had proudly announced last week a 2016 record in its annals, already happening and is already above 6 billion in cumulative revenue at the box office. The original budget for Doctor Strange ($ 165 million) is in any case largely repaid and Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, can hang another trophy to his impressive successes wall.
The blockbuster Scott Derrickson a hit especially in China (where he has just completed the third best opening weekend for a behind Marvel Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Avengers: Ultron the era), Brazil, Russia and France. With us, probably thanks to the popularity of Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock, Strange has already exceeded one million tickets after one week of operation. To date, the remaining Avengers hexagonal champion of Marvel Studios, with 4.5 million entries.

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