Divorce celebrities are paying for the cost of billions

Divorce celebrities are paying for the cost of billions

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts soon divorced her husband and professional cameraman Daniel said.
According to the news as soon as her husband Daniel Moder and Julia are divorced . In 2002, there was a marriage .
News of bitterness in the relationship between longcoming , but a few months ago, Daniel Oscar Award ceremony had refused to go with Julia . Also , Julia also annoyed by the fact that Daniel informed them about his ex-wife did not .
They tried to keep the relationship in general , but now they think divorce is the last chance . However , in this case there has been no response Julia and Daniel .
So, if Julia Roberts takes a divorce may cost Rs 1,500 crore
Are recorded in the history of celebrities such expensive divorce , millions of men have paid the price . The golden boy of golf, Tiger Woods is divorced , called also been devoting considerable .
More than 100 small and big tournament title that tiger woods and Elin divorced is considered one of the world ‘s most expensive divorces . Elin Woods , ie US $ 100 million were paid Rs 637 crore
Golf player Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy too eventful , this divorce by mutual consent in order to Jordan Juanita Vanoy paid Rs 765 crore .

Tom Cruise‘s “Mission : Impossible 5 ‘ of the ‘ plane stunt ” that was filmed

Mission: Impossible 5 disease Nation’ Promo By now you will have seen . You would think it quite real . Absolutely true . 
Very candid. If so, we tell you that it feels real , not just particular stunt is real . This super – Dupr Hollywood star Tom Cruise has done the scene itself . Tom ‘s plane .. you get the regular hanging scene so dangerous in itself is as surprised .
Actor Tom Cruise for 53 years , said: ” I ​​could not sleep last night . ” You cruise , we agree with your point are complete . The film was released in the US on July 31 and August 7 , released in India .
In April , Tom Cruise Las Vegas Sinemacon told the audience while performing dangerous stunts he was totally scared . He was not kidding .

Frog eat But do not eat onions : Salma Hayek

Popular Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has many fans around the world but recently Salma whom after seeing something that can not be said to be increased or reduced in the list of their fans . A US TV showWatch what happens live’ Salma , invoking his favorite food frog from silkworm ( Silkvorm ) ate everything .
During the program , when Salma was asked what he can eat what he took deep fry the frog said , ” This frog or his leg ? ” Taking these peculiar taste of the food Salma said: “I did it because I always want to live in France . So it is very common there .
When deep-fried frog is placed in front of them , he said , ‘I always eat way . I have lived in France and it is a common French food . ” He then silkworms eating a recipe also said that Mexico‘s large dry dish.
Throughout the show the amazing thing that the frogs, fish and insects eating onions Salma was saying that he did not . Salma , who hails from Mexico , has several Hollywood movies , 2002 ‘s ” Frida ” , he gained considerable compliment , as well as Best Actress for the film was nominated for an Oscar .

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