Deadpool 2: The film loses its director

Deadpool 2: The film loses its director.

Bad news. Deadpool director, Tim Miller, dropped the sequel.
It’s a surprise that we did not expect! If we already know since a long time that the output Deadpool 2 was postponed, we did not think that things went too difficult for this unexpected success this year. Tim Miller we learned this weekend that left the project, and we must say that we find it surprising when you consider how much he had invested in the first. He had allowed him to leave Earth by his own work special effects studio to cut costs the most of this first Deadpool very tight budget.
If he had not officially signed for the second film, we all assumed he would place without problems. Rumors state that even if this departure is very cordial and it should continue to work with Fox on other films. This departure is explained, as is often the case in such cases, by conflict over the direction to take for this second Deadpool while Tim Miller was in full writing phase. With the potential arrival of Cable in Deadpool 2 and many other highly anticipated features, this suite will have a very different dimension and we will have to wait until early 2018 to find out.
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