Britney Spears has revealed about his first date

Britney spears has revealed about his first date

The world famous singer Britney Spears, one of the women experienced the worst first date , which , she told himself . They also say that the experience of dating celebrities are generally poor .
Website ‘ ‘ , according to Britney Marie Claire magazine in an interview to remember their first date , he said , ‘ My first date was really poor . I was alone for a long time and was in love with the boy , went on a date with him . I was pretty nervous about the fact that she does not know who’s going to like me . The concern I have reduced my weight six pounds . ‘
‘ Toxic ‘ Hitmakers also said that his first date has not passed . She said , ‘ We went to see the movie . Then I went home . I used to like him , She knew it . Such was his spirit . 
This happens with everyone . In such cases, other than being famous , you do not become isolated . ‘

Britney Spears has been dieting to look sexy

34 – year-old mother of two sons with Britney Spears became the first was not as beautiful and slender , but she worked hard , so that looks like the first .
Pop singer Britney Spears is taking away from the food to lose weight , though to do so is quite difficult .
According to the website, Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood ‘with Britney Spears’ Britney: Piece of Me “, has been signed for two years, and now she roamed all over the world for a long time after being a constant place-getters will be. The agreement is going to be from the beginning of December, during which they will have presentations every night. Until then he wants the curvy look at Britney Spears, for which she is working hard.
The 34-year-old Britney Spears have two sons – ten-year-old and nine-year-old Jaden Sean – became the first mother was not as beautiful and slender, but she worked hard, so that looks like the first . Britney Spears says, “I used to eat six times a day … I was not careful about the food, because I like to eat … it is extremely difficult to stop, but you know , you’ll have it.
Although Britney Spears also believe that if she stays fit feels good .

Britney Spears crazy J. Makgines

J. Makgines singer Britney Spears says that the singer ‘s smile love them because they are the South American beauty .
According to the website Jay wanted to go on a musical journey with Britney Spears , Britney’s concert tour last year and wanted to be his partner .
He said , ” Everyone knows Spears , people they know from their childhood days . His smile is wonderful to see in real life . “

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