Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to divorce

Angelina Jolie and Bad pitt ” will fight ” have decided to divorce.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt for the sake of the health of the family , said the divorce petition.

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* Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to divorce
* Given conflicting differences Jolie filed for divorce
* After being together for 10 years, was married in 2014 , both
* Two years ago, he was married.
* On Monday, the court granted the petition.
* Jolie sought responsibility for six children
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie film for the sake of the health of your family have decided to separate from husband Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie’s lawyer said .
After two years of marriage , citing differences conflicting Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Monday . The couple in 2014 after 10 years together had tied the knot . Angelina Jolie has said the decision because he was unhappy with the methods of raising children pit .
His lawyer said the decision was made after the health of the family. ” Actress’s lawyer, said she is now and will not testify in this difficult time and she is asked to provide his family privacy . ‘People magazine said the court has received the documents and Jolie (41) the court the couple’s six children – Maddox, Pax, Jhara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox is said to provide protection and she requested that Pitt children should be entitled to.
In his statement, Brad Pitt said, ” but at the moment I feel very sad that this move means that the well-being of our children . I urge the media that they take care of their privacy at this challenging time . ‘ ‘ A source said pit ( 52 ) and Jolie both take great care of their children , and both sides are dominated by very melancholy . ” ‘
Another close aide said: ‘ This divorce is completely shocking move . Certainly this year, he spent more time apart , but still it is a shocking move . She had just celebrated his wedding anniversary . ‘
The 41- year-old actress Timjed reported on Monday filed documents and legal responsibility for the couple’s six children sought . He Pitt children can meet periodically .
Sources close to the couple said Angelina Pitt manner of child care because they are angry and filed for divorce . Angelina September 15 , 2016. The date of the separation of the two said .
This is sad news for fans of both but it is not surprising because of problems between the couple for the past several months there were rumors .
Earlier this year, Johnny Depp , Amber Rose , Taylor Swift , Calvin Harris , Taylor Swift , Tom Hidlstn , Demi Lovato , Wilmer Walderma – Sharon and Ozzy Osborn Osbern other famous couples such as Hollywood has announced the separation.
One of Hollywood’s most famous couples Angelina – Pitt after a ten-year relationship in August 2014 was married . Jolie ‘s third marriage. Earlier, in 1999 , three years after she married actor Jonny Lee Miller and actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2002 after two years of marriage , have divorced .

While Pitt ‘s second marriage. Earlier, in 2005, after five years of marriage, ‘ Friends ‘ star Jennifer Aniston was divorced .

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