Blac Chyna and her son King in Cairo skin Rob Kardashian for Halloween

KARDASHIAN NEWS : Blac Chyna and her son King in Cairo skin Rob Kardashian for Halloween.

Blac Chyna and her son King Cairo celebrating Halloween. They are both dressed as Rob Kardashian. Instagram photo published on October 31, 2016
Failing to have her fiance at his side, Blac Chyna decided to take his place for Halloween, the former stripper 28 years has disguised … Rob Kardashian. Sulphurous bimbo released a hilarious video on social networks, her and one of her friends imitating the star couple of issuance of reality TV Blac Chyna &. A blue cap on his head, a jogging suit and a pair of sandals, and voila! Being pregnant, she did not even need to add a paunchy belly so that his disguise was perfect, contrary to his girlfriend who opted for pregnant prosthesis and another for a nicer, curvy buttocks.
“I just wish that the paparazzi leave us alone,” she joked Rob imitating, in a video posted on his Instagram page. Ironically, Blac Chyna was not the only one to have chosen a costume Rob Kardashian since his son King Cairo also wanted to assume the cloak of his stepfather. “I must say I have not seen anything cuter !! King does not want to be a Ferrari driver for Halloween, now he wants to be Rob,” she wrote in the photo caption of his son 3 years. The opportunity to tackle the way her ex-fiancé, the father of her son, rapper Tyga. Parents are at war since the singer attended the youngest of the Kardashians: Kylie Jenner.
If Rob Kardashian was nowhere, he still made an appearance at the family dinner that organized her mother Kris Jenner, judging from the photos he posted on social networks. Blac Chyna and him were dressed as bloodthirsty torque, enough to suggest that they are still working as much on their relationship with the approach of the birth of their daughter, scheduled this month. According to information from the site TMZ, engaged couples have decided to film the preparations and the birth and life after baby for a new season of their reality TV show. A instrusion in private life that has cost since Rob and Chyna should pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the contract.

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