Bieber nowadays are trying to come close to Pamela Anderson.

Kardashian news : Kim Kardashian plundered by robbers.  latest news and gossips
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint at his palatial house were looted several million euros. The men were wearing the same uniform as the mask and the police. The BBC quoted local police robberies incident took place at three o’clock local time. Police said: “There has been robbed of several million euros, mostly jewellry . Being an indicator of the total amount. “
According to reports, five people involved in the robbery, and the incident occurred at his luxurious Baglow. Media reports had earlier said that the robbery was in Kim’s room in a hotel in Paris.
Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ star Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week came to join. She was not hurt in the incident is.
Kardashian’s representative said: “They are very afraid that although I was not hurt them.” Earlier in 2014, the 35-year-old Kim Paris Madelin have stayed in his house 
behind the church.
Kardashian news
Event information is feeling her husband Kanye West, music and art festival in the Meadows in Queens are left unfinished his show. He told fans, “I’m sorry. I came home with some emergency has to stop the show. 
“It could not be ascertained that their two children, nine-month-old son and three-year-old daughter of North St. Where was the time of the incident.

Bieber nowadays are trying to come close to Pamela Anderson.

Justin Bieber is now fit on. The news that Mr proximity with the star of his mother’s age are beginning to increase. Meanwhile, it also turns out that the ‘mother’ are trying to make it to his son’s girlfriend was Bieber Sofia Richie “date” is.
Justin Bieber’s ‘mother’ meeting was held in February this year in the Grammy award functions. Sources are engaged in efforts to increase proximity Bieber since.
However, when the “mother” of the intentions of Bieber revealed he was quite shocked. After all, Bieber is her son’s life.
Indeed, Bieber nowadays are trying to come close to Pamela Anderson. Anderson is 50 years of age, while less than half her age Bieber.
Sources are saying that Bieber between Pamela and ‘something’ may be so, because these days, Pamela’s career is on the slope, there may not be an affair of such news on Bieber also matters.
Separately, an American news website that Pamela Anderson’s son Brandon and Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend Sofia Richie Thosm are hobnobbing. Both in Italy as well as the fun and special moments were spent.

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