Beyoncé: Stars make the show for Halloween!

Beyoncé: Stars make the show for Halloween!

As every year, your superstars out all the stops for Halloween! Beyoncé to Ariana Grande through Taylor Swift, here are all the latest looks of this edition in 2016!
Whether Katy Perry, Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake, all the stars love Halloween! And every year, they give everything for the best costume! This vintage 2016 did not lie to the legend, since there is already a few days, Katy Perry Hillary Clinton or Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas in Dorothy and the Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz” had already set the bar high!
But the real Halloween night, it was yesterday, and right we still had a few surprises … including Beyoncé unveiled a second costume she and Jay Z in Barbie and Ken, with their little Blue Ivy in the same theme! We love ! Justin Timberlake had also relied on a family theme, since the whole family was dressed as a monster!

Beyoncé – Halloween 2016

Justin Timberlake – Halloween 2016

Surprises at any cost Ariana
Grande has in turn unsheathed three different costumes. The first, a killer rabbit, which has devoured her boyfriend Mac Muller alias Pikachu. She then wore a leopard suit, but said that it did “not count as a required” because she was able to put it to the supermarket. Finally, she completely blew us away by taking hold of the film “Moonrise Kingdom” with his beloved: it little girl with binoculars and pink outfit, and he in total explorer look! We love !

Ariana Grande – Halloween 2016

His ex, Big Sean, did more classic, dressed in Storm Trooper. As for Taylor Swift, she has also made strong by taking the official uniform Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, the husband of his great girlfriend Blake Lively! And it was of course surrounded by his whole squad!

Taylor Swift – Halloween 2016

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