Allied collections film review

Allied – Moving companies film review

Allied – Moving companies film review

The last Robert Zemeckis is neither more nor less than a soft and disembodied romance that never grasps the potential of his cast and subject.

Allied colletions:

Director: Robert Zemeckis  
Actors: Brad Pitt, Marion
Cotillard, Jared Harris  
Genre: Romance, War Movie  
Nationality: American  Release
Date: November 23, 2016
Duration: 2h01mn

Allied – Moving companies film review

Our opinion : Zemeckis continues his resurrection attempt in adult cinema, with a fake war film and a real romance rooted in the anti-Nazi spy. Between Morocco of a tale of the Thousand and One Nights, a London in the starry sky of explosions that would make the armed conflict sublime, and a France of the villages occupied by the Bosch, the reconstruction is especially glamorous, as if to espouse the cinégénie du Couple Brad Pitt-Marion Cotillard, both being almost the only ones to exist on the screen, to the detriment of non-existent secondary characters.

The actors interpret here two spies of charm that juggle rather curiously with the languages ​​(Brad Pitt’s French, which at first pretends to be of the terroir, is very approximate). We follow essentially their love story, their elegant encounter in the outdated Casablanca of colonialist adventure films, their troubled marriage with our neighbors across the Channel.
The two stars stroll somewhat frozen by the ice of the film, or even by effects of digital retouching in the case of Brad Pitt which seems to be struck again by the curse Benjamin Button. This makes the actor more than ever expressive in a work that is bitterly lacking in incarnation and flesh.
With an ardent desire to magnify each plan and an eager desire to deliver a tribute to the great post-war novelistic productions, Zemeckis, who occasionally makes use of a few realizations, films especially softly. Physical passion is less carnal than artificial and the passionate fugue is embodied in the easy emotion of the very end, to the detriment of the thriller, without suspense, and the film of war, purified and without din.
At the end of the day, Allied gleaned all its assets, evoking the past disasters of the couple Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt, namely The Tourist (where Jolie was “embellished” with the presence of Johnny Depp) and Sea view which gathered in front of the camera of the Actress turned director, husband and wife today divorced. Allied movers , it is a little the film of their disunion, without even the presence of Jolie on the screen, whose glamorous shadow irremediably hovers over the project, vowing it to be a beautiful empty shell and disembodied.

Allied – Moving companies film review

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