5 things Harry Potter author JK Rowling about the cursed child

5 things Harry Potter author JK Rowling about the cursed child

The thing is how to live your stories Potter author JK Rowling is aware. That is why, without knowing the character of Harry Potter and the magical novel How successful will they become an integral part of it when he put on his birthday or the birthday of the hero Harry Potter 30 July Once again, the new novel of the series, Harry Potter The drama unfolded as he cursed the child July 31. Let’s rolling through a few more of their blockbuster novel.

Immediately went to the eighth book

Harry Potter’s magic still speaking into people’s heads. Proof of this Sunday JK Rowling, author of Harry’s story on the birth anniversary of the release of its eighth book launch was immediately sold. so technically it was possible to say that the next installment.
However, JK Rowling Harry Potter or the connecting repeatedly said he will write stories and do not over do it and he was writing stories repeatedly . The same happened this time and once again rolling announced that Harry will write nothing . According to him, the last book of the series.
However this time, “Harry Potter and cursed child” rather like a novel written as drama and the Rolling Jack Thorne and John Tiffany helped. Saturday evening, a day before the launch of the world premiere of this play was the Palace Theatre. The book describes the 19 years of Harry Potter and the Hethli Haloj. The whole story revolves around adult Harry. 
Has been inducted to the magical world of Harry now. “Cursed child” is divided into two parts, and by 2017 it may be sold. The film will be in November 2017.
About 45 million copies of the Harry Potter series to record sales in the first 12 publishers refused to publish a manuscript was published by Bloomsbury thereafter . 
Later translated into 79 languages ​​and 8 super hit films . Films , which were hit
Harry Potter was not the first to publish the writing from Manchester to London in 1990 to take care of the rolling train came. After this first novel published in 1997 and 2007, the final book in the Harry Potter and Deadly Hollow ” was published . The book and the film suffered such a splash in 2010, the UK’s most influential woman rolling titles won .

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