Monday, November 28th, 2016


After her hospitalization, Kanye West can count on Lady Gaga

After her hospitalization, Kanye West, can count on, Lady Gaga. While the rapper was interned in the psychiatric ward of a California hospital last week, the popular singers wanted to lend her support to Kim Kardashian‘s husband. While he is at the bottom of the hole, Kanye West still has some weight bearing. This is the case in particular of the American pop star, Lady Gaga. After the hospitalization of the rapper in psychiatry last week, the singer called her fans to support “Yeezy” in this event. On Twitter socialRead More

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, friends despite tense beginnings

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, friends despite tense beginnings.                                     New Emma stone movie:  Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence now have a beautiful and strong friendship, which they do not hesitate to share with the singer Adele when she comes on tour in the US States. What we do not know is that the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence new movie and Emma Stone did not necessarily get off to a good start. It wasRead More

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