10 PornStar : Someone at the age of 21 to 32 either by Suicide

10 Pornstar : Someone at the age of 21 to 32 either by Suicide

It is a fact that since joining the industry and take action, as many actresses have been suicide. Because everyone can vary. Pornstar in this package look at something similar, which has a suicide.

Karen lancaume

France’s 17-year-old porn star had sex first experience. He then worked in several porn films. Then they had 32 years, when her ex-boyfriend’s apartment in Paris he tempazepam and Alcohol Overdose was the suicide.

Shauna Grant

Shauna Grant, American nude model and porn star said. Born in California in 1984 to March 1963, Shona has surrendered himself to death and, when his partner was arrested. He committed suicide by shooting himself. The two-year career, he had worked in more than 30 porn films in this period, according to reports, he had earned $ 100,000.

Vivian Nevs

December 29, 2002 the famous porn actress’s dead body was found at his home. The police never got to know the cause of death.

Dana Plato

Born on November 7, 1964 May 8, 1999 on the day of their home of 34 years Dana’s car was in the parking lot were dubious Liptin with wheels. However, the autopsy the cause of death was an overdose of drugs. Dana was the first celebrity to be seen in the 1992 video game. However, many of the porn actress Dana refused to accept.

Antasia Blue

July 19, 2008, he took his own life. He took Tailenol, a drug overdose, which allows them to have a heart attack and they were untimely upon the cheek of time.

Paula Yats

The 41-year-old porn actress died September 17, 2000 was a heroin overdose. Doctors and police said the suicide had not Paula, but it was death from a actress overdose.

Pauline Chan

July 31, 2002 at 5 pm in the evening half of the 24th floor of his apartment Palin suddenly jumped from apartment was located. He was clearly written in his suicide note that he was a victim of depression, because of which he took the step.

Leila lopsa

March 12, 2009 The porn actress had suffered a heart attack which killed him. The death and the police also have implicated when his hands had written a suicide note and the tremendous amount of drugs in the body.

Violet Adamson

Ohio, December 19, 2010, at the age of 35 were killed in violet. He had committed suicide by hanging violet. Violet born July 1, 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio, was his real name was Dan Farah. Adult website for Big Naturals 32-year-old, he was the first hardcore shoot.

Megan Leigh

Adult videos American superstar and actress Megan said. California at the age of 26 in 1990. His body was recovered from the house. He committed suicide by shooting himself.

Alex Jordan

American porn star Alex said. He had worked in 166 porn movies. In 1995 at the age of 31, he committed suicide by hanging himself. His body was recovered from California.

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